Montessori, Hattemer, Waldorf: why are non-contract schools so successful?

For a parent, choosing the right school for their child is crucial. In fact, school education is the basis for all development. Under certain conditions, it is the source of success in life. By advocating the policy of free education, the government has allowed the existence of non-contractual schools.

Independence and autonomy in administration

Unlike other schools, non-contract schools are not attached to the state. This means that the managers of these schools are free from the state's educational policy. This freedom has two aspects. First, non-contracted schools can determine the guidelines for the curriculum. Since freedom is king, there are currently several schools with their own methods. However, it should be noted that this freedom has its downside. Since the state does not interfere in any way with the methodology and curriculum of these schools, they are not included in the list of schools that will receive a state subsidy. Here, freedom materialises in its purest form.

The advantages of this freedom

In non-contractual schools, the approach to education is based on the previous experiences of the teachers and managers of the school. For some of them, the development of the child is through discovery. Here, it is vital that the child discovers the workings of education for himself. By using this approach, the school emphasises the child's creativity. Through discovery, the assimilation of a subject is easier. However, discipline and restriction can also contribute to success. This is why some schools have chosen rigour as their ideological precept. To train the elites of tomorrow, these non-contractual schools do not skimp on the means. With a quasi-military discipline, and a quality educational content, the ascent in the social scale is more or less guaranteed.

Freedom has a price

Like any self-respecting school, non-contractual schools have an operating budget. Indeed, these schools use experienced teachers. In order to pay all the bills such as salaries and electricity, students admitted to such schools are forced to pay tuition fees. But for parents who want to give their children a different education, these non-contracted schools are the most appropriate. Moreover, history has already proven the effectiveness of this type of education. Several leading figures in the political arena have come out of these non-contractual schools.

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