Can you learn English on the web?

Currently, English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, both in business and in tourism. If you are not fluent in the local language of the country you are visiting, communication will be possible using English. To improve your level, it is possible to learn English online.

Learning English to boost your career

Nowadays, mastering English is essential in the professional world. Companies are more and more in contact with the international market and use English as a means of communication, whether in France or abroad. Therefore, you must have a professional English level in your CV. The level of professional English will push you to evolve in your career history. Your responsibility will therefore be more important. You will be very useful in leading meetings with your company's partnerships. Writing a business letter in English also requires a command of business English. To keep in touch with your partners on the other side of the world, you can make phone calls and have online interviews. By having a good command of English in the workplace, you will have an advantage in front of your superiors.

How can I improve my English with General English?

General English is an online platform that will help you improve your English. Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate student, this platform will help you feel confident in your English by living up to your expectations. You will follow an academic path to improve your level. You will have exercises with detailed corrections. In addition, vocabulary and grammar review sheets will be available to you at all times. General English has its own method to teach you English while having fun. Stay motivated and learn at your own pace.

What other ways are there to learn English?

Having fun is one of the best reasons for people to improve their English. They choose English because it is the third most spoken language. Indeed, it is a fairly simple language and your progress will be rapid. However, English can be quite complex if you are not motivated. It is your motivation that will stimulate your learning. Combine your favourite hobbies with English, whether it's reading, music or films, to learn about topics that interest you while improving your English. With your continued efforts, you will be proud of your achievements.

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