How to enrich your CV with work-linked programmes?

Whatever role you wish to take up within a company or organisation, you will most likely go through the obligatory stages of writing a CV, a covering letter and then passing your interview. However, there are a few things you can include in an employment contract to catch the recruiter's eye when they read your letter.

Why do you need a CV for a sandwich job?

When a person feels the need to train and improve their skill level in order to be more productive, they are increasingly turning to a sandwich course contract. The professionalisation contract and the apprenticeship contract are the two forms of work-linked training contracts in France. The alternation contract allows you to divide your time between your workplace and the training institute, which reduces the number of hours you work. Therefore, if you are already employed by the company, you should consider renegotiating a new contract. On the other hand, if you are a student looking for a job, such as a BTS, licence or maîtrise, you can choose this form of contract.

Writing a curriculum vitae (CV) for work-linked training

Your marital status and contact details should be the first elements of your CV. You will introduce yourself to the reader and give a brief overview of your qualifications and goals. When you apply for a work-linked training position, you are essentially expressing your desire to work for the first time. Therefore, you will not have any work experience and you should list any internships or holiday jobs you have already done. The most important element of a sandwich CV will be the training. Enhance your CV by participating in one of OpenClassrooms' work-study programmes and earn a salary while you learn. You will cover your general background as well as the training courses you have taken. To make your application easier to read, your highest level of education will be listed first. This section will be used to list any additional skills or personal characteristics you may have that can benefit the company.

Highlight your qualifications and experience

It is important to highlight your qualifications and in particular the diplomas you have obtained in your sandwich CV. Most recruiters do not spend much time reading this text. Consequently, they go straight to the section on your skills. If you have already met people, list them and highlight the skills you have learned from them. Also, if you have interests and hobbies that are important for the job you are applying for, you should include these to enhance your overall appearance. Also, don't forget to mention your previous qualifications and, if necessary, link your current studies to the skills you are going to acquire.

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