Parcoursup: what are post-bac training qualifications worth?

Parcoursup is a national platform for higher education and vocational training offers. These courses provide state-recognised diplomas. The titles can concern certifications, Visa, masters, Bachelors. Post-baccalaureate education is training with value.

Recognised diplomas for post-bac education

The diploma testifies to the level of knowledge and skills obtained after the course. On Parcoursup, it is recognised by the State. This is a fundamental element to consider. State recognition is one of the indicators of the quality of the training. Furthermore, it facilitates the pursuit of studies abroad, mainly for the LMD degree.

Various types of training for dedicated titles for post-baccalaureate education

The national diploma is a title guaranteed by the State. It may be issued in the name of the Ministry of Education or other ministries. It can be a diploma prepared in a public or private establishment, concerning the BTS, the State Diploma, the Licence, the Master, the Doctorate. It is obtained after a few years of study after the baccalauréat. In addition, the State visa is also a recognised title. It is granted to schools recognised by the State. Many elements are considered and appreciated to obtain the visa. They mainly concern the pedagogical content and the training of teachers. The state-approved diploma remains fundamental for an institution. It facilitates partnerships with foreign and international universities. In addition, the official professional certification is intended for professional training. training. It is registered in the Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles. It attests to the quality of the training. It is categorised by field of activity and level of qualification. Vocational training is made up of blocks of skills. These are coherent and homogeneous. They contribute to the exercise of a professional activity.

Criteria for choosing post-baccalaureate courses

On Parcoursup, the establishments and schools authorised to be listed, whether private or public, offer training and diplomas that are at least recognised by the State. Some selection criteria are also taken into account for post-bac training. They concern the duration of studies, the courses of study, the location and geographical situation of the establishment and the school, and the budget required. They help to clarify the selection process. These criteria also help to make a decision at the time of registration. After the baccalaureate, many young people choose higher education and training courses. These studies have values. These are demonstrated by skills and knowledge. They are certified by titles and diplomas recognised by the State.

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