At what age can you start an extracurricular activity: how to choose?

Having a child is unfortunately a privilege denied to others. For some, the child's role is to rekindle joy in the home. For others, the child helps to cement the couple. If in most cases a child is a source of joy, it can also be a source of worry for the parents. His future and his development are at the heart of the concerns. The question is, how do you choose a good after-school activity, and at what age can you start?

The secret is to listen carefully

Throughout a child's education, parent and teacher combine their efforts to provide the best. While school education is already a monumental contribution to a child's development into a responsible person, extracurricular activities could accelerate their development. However, given their young age, children should never be forced into anything. Requiring them to do anything could have psychological consequences that could be detrimental to their health. This is why, before embarking on any extracurricular activity, it is important to listen to your child. The choice of activity should be made according to the child's personality and behaviour.

Types of activities possible

In a school, a child can have access to extracurricular activities from a very early age. Indeed, from the age of three, certain disciplines are available to them. First of all, there is music. By listening to or playing a musical instrument, a child can boost its memory and psychological faculties. With music, the child tends to open up his or her mind, and will also be able to venture into the still unknown world of melody. Secondly, there are sports activities. These activities help to develop the child's motor skills and muscle growth. If the practice of a sport is beneficial, certain restrictions must also be respected. In general, precautions are taken to ensure the safety and physical integrity of the child. For an extracurricular sport activity, the child must be at least six years old.

The right method

Since we are talking about a child, his or her inability to formulate his or her desires properly could affect the choice of the ideal extracurricular activity. However, if music develops the brain, sport helps build a social life. Knowing what is right for them is not always easy. That's why parents have to try a few things out. Here, the idea is to enrol him in several activities, to see which one really interests him. As the trial period is short, it will be easy to abandon the other activities in favour of the one that interests him.

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